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Our family has benefited greatly from Hartland Constructions building works. We now have a wonderful, newly renovated house, a functional and stylish kitchen and all the space and features we needed. The quality of the workmanship and finish is evident, and has added great value to our biggest investment, our home.

Thank you

Natalie and Andrew, Baulkham Hills

Building Guide


Last Year NSW Fair Trading Received a Staggering 8,406 Complaints Against Builders.  How Can You be Sure Your Builder is Going to do a Good Job?

New Guide Filled With Practical Tips and Straight Forward Advice Could Save You From a Costly Disaster When Choosing a Builder 

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Choosing a builder can be a daunting task.  You want your new home or renovation to be well designed, beautifully finished, and built to last.  But which builder can you trust to do a good job without ripping you off?

All Sorts Of Things
Can Go Wrong

According to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, complaints against builders for shoddy or incomplete work have risen 43 per cent in the past five years.  Common frustrations are:

Delays that leave your family living in the middle of a construction zone for weeks on end

  • Budget blow-outs adding thousands to your original quote price
  • Rude tradesmen who have no respect for people or property
  • And most common of all, work that is careless and finished poorly.

This report is a ‘must read’ for people considering any type of building or renovating project and includes critical information like…

  • The quickest, easiest and safest way to find a reliable builder
  • Where to look online for a builder (and what to look for)
  • The professional associations you should talk with before choosing a builder
  • A fool-proof way to find a good local builder
  • Things you need to decide before asking for a quote
  • How to accurately compare quotes
  • How to avoid nasty surprises and budget blow-outs
  • How to spot a potentially dodgy quote (and builder who may let you down)
  • The most important thing to check (and recheck) on quotes
  • 3 ways to know your builder is qualified and skilled to actually do the job
  • The number one complaint people have about builders (and how you can make sure this doesn’t happen to you)
  • The website you must look at before you sign any contracts
  • The exact amount of deposit you should expect to pay (never more)… and what you must get from your builder before you pay a cent

Avoid costly disasters 8,406 other NSW families suffered last year.  Get a copy of‘Free Guide To Choosing A Builder’ and discover how to find a builder you can trust.

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The information in this guide could save you and your family from months of frustration and tens of thousands in unnecessary expenses.

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